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Image Most homeowners would love to have a really great lawn. The reality is that as much as we may dream of having the prettiest property in the neighbourhood, few of us have the time or knowledge required to dedicate to proper lawn maintenance. It takes a certain amount of gardening knowledge and skill to make a lawn really thrive. Professional lawn care services offer the perfect solution.

Residential lawns make up about seventy percent of the millions of acres of American soil. As a result, the number of lawn care companies is steadily rising to meet the growing demands of homeowners. If you’re not sure whether you require the services of a lawn care professional, consider the following points:

Time is Money
Consider how much your time is worth. Lawn care service companies will provide you with the convenience of maintaining an attractive lawn, without sacrificing your busy lifestyle.

Expert Service
Leave the job to an expert. Educated and experienced lawn care service providers have an understanding of how plants grow, and what is required to create and maintain an attractive lawn. Simply put, the professionals know more about lawn care than you do.

Make it Easy
Lawn care service providers simplify the confusing task of choosing the best fertilizers or pesticides for your lawn. Instead of trying to make all of the decisions, delegate the task to professional lawn care service providers who can make educated choices for you.

While choosing the appropriate pesticides or fertilizers can be confusing, applying them can be an even more daunting task. Lawn care service providers save you the time-consuming task of calibrating spreaders and sprayers to accurately apply the products. Additionally, it eliminates the liability for proper storage of fertilizers and pesticides. Your professional lawn care service provider should ensure that these are stored in a locked, ventilated, waterproof area, thus reducing risks of seepage or the waste of expensive lawn care products.

Environmentally Friendlier
Any application of chemical pesticides or fertilizers can pose a risk to our environment. Many homeowners are too inexperienced to safely apply these chemical treatments to their lawns. Leave the task to the experts, and spare yourself the trouble and risk.

Not every homeowner requires a lawn care professional for property maintenance. If you’re not sure whether a professional service is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

* Do I consider lawn care service to be expensive?
* Do I enjoy working on my lawn?
* Will the lawn care provider’s busy production schedule allow for perfectly timed application or services?

If you decide to hire the services of a professional, be sure that the lawn care provider offers dependable service before you sign the contract. Most lawn care services are small businesses, and rely on word of mouth advertising. It’s important to know whether the company you consider is in good standing with their clients. Ask friends and neighbors who they would refer, and determine if your lawn care service is from a reputable company before you make your final decision.
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