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The Beauty of Small Weddings Print E-mail

An small, but elegant wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings that can be planned. The budget is not too ridiculous, the attendees are all relaxed and would likely have a good time and nuisances such as children running around and making noise can be avoided. A wedding without too many embellishments guarantees that the love between the couple is the focus of the ceremony.

Protocol in a small wedding:

INVITATIONS:  Invitations for a small wedding can be handwritten on handmade paper. Send them like composing a note to a close friend. It is significant to note that attendees should be in casual attire.

SETTING: A small wedding can be celebrated in a community center, a local park or even your parents' backyard. Holding ceremonies in a unique location such as a rooftop, a barn, an art gallery can undoubtedly speak volumes about the personalities of the couple.

ATTIRE: Guests are usually advised to wear clothes comfortable to them. A dress from a closet selection, a white one or even a sundress is suitable for a small wedding. A bridesmaid could wear a white dress or even a pantsuit. The groom can opt for khakis, or even jeans paired with a shirt and a sport coat.

FLOWERS: Simple bulbs such as hyacinths or tulips can be wonderful alternatives for floral flower arrangements. Using these will result in huge savings for the couple. Gerber diaries placed in a flat container filled with wheat grass can serve as an attractive centerpiece.

REGISTRY: Popular retail stores such as Sears or Target can be used as gift registries. Couples can specify what they want to receive in order to avoid the usual gift of expensive China that will probably collect dust in a cabinet.

MENU: The menu of a small wedding can be incredibly varied. A party can be thrown a few months before the wedding and the guests can be asked to bring their favorite recipes. The couple can select their favorites and use them as wedding food. It is also gracious to acknowledge whose recipe it is by putting a label in front of every dish. Besides a party, a barbeque or picnic fare can be organized.

Bills, bills, bills

According to tradition, the bride's parents are responsible for paying off the wedding no matter if it is small or big. However, expenses have become a concern due to the challenging times. The etiquette in asking for money is by gathering both families and discussing how to share in the wedding expenses, as the couple would unlikely have enough to cover all of their needs.  Furthermore, many people observe the sexism inherent in the notion that the woman's family must pay, since it implies some sort of desperation leading to a fee or dowry for her to be "gratefully" married off.

The budget would be a major basis on what style of wedding will be held. The couple should meet with everyone who will be attending. However, the couple cannot force their parents to pay out money that is not available.

Couples can make various compromises if their budget is too small. For example, less expensive rings can be purchased. A more expensive replacement can be found in the future. Some couples do not even bother with wedding rings at all. Those living in temperate climates can have the reception at home and hire catering services. To help control costs, a server can be tasked to pass around hors d' oeuvres and refreshments.

The parents of the groom traditionally cover the costs for the following items:

* Transportation of the Groom and Best Man going to the wedding
* Lodging and transportation expenses of the rabbi or minister
* The bride's bouquet
* Officiate fee or donation
* Rehearsal Dinner  
* Corsages for every family member
* Boutonnieres for groom's attendants

Giving tips is a nice way of rewarding those that have provided good service, but it is not a requirement. A tip presented to a minister can be seen as a gift for marrying the couple. Tips can be awarded to servers, drivers and musicians but still, this is not a strict requirement.

The etiquette in professional fees

Couples should make sure that they are comfortable with the people that are assisting in the wedding whether it is the wedding experts, the photographer or even the florists. They should share the same vision on how the wedding should come out and not simply focus on how much money would be spent.

A couple may receive the lowest price but if the professional service does not meet what was expected, the value is nearly useless, even if it is a small wedding.  That said, smaller weddings are becoming more popular, as the excesses of the later part of the last century fade away, and people are enjoying more intimate gatherings.

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