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The Benefits of Automated Telemarketing Print E-mail
Image Automated telemarketing is becoming an increasingly common method for handling calls in the field of modern telemarketing. A number of automated dialers were developed recently, apparently resulting in a rash of automated calls over the last few months.

What sets the automated telemarketing system apart from other methods is that a computer-based automatic dialer is used to make the call. A computer program is given a large list of contacts, which it then automatically dials, delivering a recorded message. The most common users of this system are lenders, credit card companies, collection agents, and other organizations.

Automated telemarketing offers a lot of benefits, the most obvious of which is that that it allows customers to receive important information without the need for agent intervention. With automated telemarketing buyers and prospects can be reached quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Many telemarketing companies have noted that the lowered costs inherent to this method can help generate highly profitable inbound and outbound telemarketing results.

Automated telemarketing often employs an interactive voice response (IVR) technology. Without this technology it would not be possible to provide effective and affordable telemarketing services. IVR works to enable prospective customers to interact with databases and accomplish repetitive tasks without a paid employee to assist them.

The other great advantage to using automated telemarketing with IVR is that the inbound IVR can be applied to a wide range of situations. Inbound telemarketing, customer surveys, help desk, and even disaster backup can be assigned to the IVR. The IVR can even ask callers for more information and then document those calls into a priority database as part of a telemarketing lead generation campaign. It's even possible for the IVR to capture the callers' information and then transfer the calls to the company's telemarketers and agents. This permits the modern telemarketing company to offer the best of both automated and live agent telemarketing.

There are even benefits for the customer provided by the use of automated telemarketing. It can assist the customers with finding the store or office by identifying where the caller is located through the automatic number identification (ANI), or by simply having the IVR menu ask them.

What really makes the automated telemarketing great is that it makes building new and existing customer relationships, particularly on the inbound automated telemarketing calls, easier and less labor-intensive. The agents can take orders quickly by simply capturing the order numbers, quantities, addresses, as well as credit card information, and the computer can deliver voice messages to businesses and consumers even when no one is there or is answering the phone.

Despite all these benefits automated telemarketing is prohibited in some states. The state of Washington is one example. A telemarketing company should verify whether local laws limit or prohibit the use of automated telemarketing before purchasing a system.
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